Nu Chapter prides itself on its academic achievements, and we have a scholastic program that is designed to support and encourage our members toward academic success. Our program features study halls, scholastic programming and tips, study buddy lists, and professor and test files.  Our Academic Achievement Chair, Sydney Mastrovich, encourages and assists members, and she and her assistants discuss study habits, create chapter GPA goals, and proctor study hall hours.  We also have three study rooms in the ZTA house! 


We recognize members’ accomplishments through weekly with our "smartie panties" award. Each week before chapter, Sydney randomly draws from a list of girls who have shown her an assignment they received an A on. The winner then receives a $10 gift card. Smartie panties is a great academic incentive and our members look forward to hearing who each week's winner is!


 Each semester ZTA hosts a scholarship banquet to honor our member's academic success from the previous semester. Girls who earned a GPA of 3.5 or higher receive a check for $40, and those with a 4.0 receive a check for $50. We also award several most improved awards for those who significantly raise their GPA between semesters as well as one academically outstanding senior. In addition to the awards, our members also enjoy gathering at a nice venue and enjoying a good dinner!

Nu Chapter’s Grade Point Average is consistently above the all-women’s scholastic average, as well as the all-Greek and all-school averages.

Order of Omega

We currently have several sisters that are members of the Order of Omega.  Order Of Omega is an Honors Society for the Greek Community.  Its purpose is to recognize those fraternity men and women who have attained a high standard of leadership in inter-fraternity activities and to inspire others to strive for the same values.  The goal of Order of Omega is to bring the Greek Community, alumni, and faculty members together to try to achieve excellence in academics and community service.  In addition, it creates an atmosphere where ideas and issues can be discussed openly across Greek lines to help work out strong solutions. We are so proud to have so many members represent ZTA in Order of Omega.

2017 Order of Omega: Erin Gronewald, Olivia Jefferey, Meg Boucher, Alexis Anderson, Hannah Dries, Bryn Caswell, Delanie Carson, Alexa Cruz



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